Pricing Policy

The software is developed by PRONETCOM, FZ-LLC. and provided under the terms of a non-exclusive licence only directly to companies and organizations (legal entities):

  • A standard monthly payment is 20$ for each mobile licence;
  • If your company needs more than 500 mobile licences per month, please contact our sales team.
  • Additional monthly payment (server license):
    • For company projects of less than 50 mobile licenses — 350$ per month;
    • For company projects of more than 50 mobile licenses — free.
  • The monthly payment for a company includes:
    • A service manager's support. The manager will provide support at all stages of the project operation (initial server setup, data uploading, report setup, staff training);
    • Software tuning and development services (the development of analytics according to your specific needs and individual report settings);
    • Weekly software updates (improvement of the app and the web interface, new features).
  • A fixed monthly payment is charged regardless of whether mobile licenses were used during the month or not.
  • Payment is made monthly, with a payment delay of 30 (thirty) days from the date of signing the act of acceptance of services rendered.