About EasyMerch

EasyMerch is a B2B solution. It refers to the automation system widely used by different field employees in companies (merchandisers, sales representatives, sales assistants, auditors etc), which provides a comprehensive interface for daily work and control to the executive staff. The system has a flexible API which allows you to integrate it with other customer systems (CRM system, sales database, etc.). All these features make EasyMerch a comprehensive SFA system (sales force automation system).

EasyMerch includes:

  • Mobile app for the field staff automation (merchandisers, sales representatives, supervisors).
  • Web interface for adjusting system settings: visit plans, product availability matrix, planograms and promotions.
  • Analytical system based on OLAP.
  • Integrational block for connection to the customer's systems (1C, SAP, Axapta).

App features

  • Supported by both iOS and Android devices.
  • Repot types: product availability, promotion realization control, compliance with planograms, special tasks, photo reports, product order, questionnaire, check-in reports and others.
  • Mobile supervisor account: employees' tast performance monitoring, setting special tasks, summary employee reports.
  • Employee integrity check: we know when employees make reports from home, use outdated photos or change time on their devices manually. We can also recognise hacking attempts etc.

Web interface and analytics block features

  • Creating detailed visit plans and optimal routes.
  • Real-time merchandiser tracking and location history by days.
  • Analytical reports for shop visits: plan implementation, visit time and duration.
  • Analytical assortment reports including employees, shops, networks, regions and SKUs.

Terms of Use (in short):

  • Two-week trial period including assistance in server settings and data import from our side.
  • Monthly postpayment according to the number of accounts actually used.
  • Data storage, technical support in chats are included in the price as well.
  • Additional service of server administration from our side (purchased separately).

The software is developed by PRONETCOM, Ltd. and distributed under conditions of a non-exclusive license to legal entities only.