Supported Report Types

EasyMerch supports a wide range of reports, each of which can be customized: change fields, data types, allow or disallow photos.

Reports can be filled out individually, or a sequence of reports can be created so that employees fill out reports in a strict order.

Reports sent by an employee are saved on the server and can be viewed in any web browser, exported to Excel or used in analytics.

The available report types are as follows:

Planogram Сompliance Report and Equipment Availability Report

With a planogram compliance report, it will be easier for the employee to figure out what the shelf should look like, as well as provide a photo for the result.

Questionnaire Report

In this report, employees can fill in data in various survey forms that are set up by administrators.

For example, a single or multiple choice question.

Our system is flexible, so we can create a survey at your request.

Product Availability Report

These reports offer a wide range of options. For examples:

  • The output of network format goods based on the matrix, goods in a particular store or all the goods;
  • The ability to fill in any number of fields for each product, from selecting "Yes/No" to entering separate fields "Shelf Availability", "Gold Shelf Availability", "Recommendation for additional order", etc.;
  • The ability to work simultaneously with several matrices of goods (for example, the matrix of the sales floor and the matrix of the checkout area);
  • The ability to attach photos and descriptions to products to make monitoring easier for novice field agents.

Planned Promotion Report

An unlimited number of promotions can be created for each network or format. You can also specify the promotion type, time and the products involved. The promotion may contain a planogram, standard photo, special placement or pallet.

Upon entering a store a field employee sees a list of the current promotions and confirms the fact of their implementation.

Problem Report

Any store may have problems.

Problem report allows to describe your problem and choose its type from the list.

Problem report can be automatically sent to email like any other reports with many options: by region, by shop responsible person or by problem type.

Measurement of time by activities

Inside the report, the user clicks "Start" on the activity and the stopwatch starts. User can't run two or more activities at the same time. At the bottom of the report, the total measurement time is recorded.

Product Order

EasyMerch allows sales representatives and merchandisers to make product orders if necessary. After the supervisor's check the order is automatically sent to SAP or another client's system through API.

Running a third party application

You can add a step to the visit, upon transition to which the user will be redirected from EasyMerch to any other program.

A step can be added as a single report or in a sequence. Can have any name, periods and display settings.