Set Tasks

How to set a task

The app has the ability to set a task in several different ways:

  • From the main screen open menu and tap Set a Task
  • In the "Start work" section, clicking on the store on the map, or at the very bottom under the list of stores there will be a button
  • By opening a store. Under the available reports there will be a button Set a Task
  • In the "Viewing reports" section choose a specific repot by an employee. There you can create a task in response or, if there is a photo in the report you can Add a task with photo

Edit the Task Information

In order to Set a Task you need to fill in required fields

  1. Task Type Here you choose the type that suits you best. It can be a full unplanned visit or a special task, depending on the purpose of the task itself.
  2. Task start date This is where you select the date when the task can be started.
  3. If your project uses partners, they can also be specified. This field is optional
  4. Stores Here you select the store or stores where the task will be available
  5. Employee in charge Select the employee or employees who will complete the task. You can set the task to:
    • Yourself
    • an employee visiting the store
    • an employee assigned through clusters
    • Choose an employee from your subordinates
    • Select multiple employees

  1. You can choose a specific SKU category ,for which you are setting a task. This field is optional
  2. Complete within Here you specify the deadline after which the task will be considered overdue. The possible deadline options can be customized for your project. You can make it in the form of a drop-down list, you can also add a "for next visit" option
  3. Time to complete Here you can specify the time that the employee should spend on the task. This field is optional.
  4. Your task can be Marked as urgent Urgent task means that if an employee has a task for a specific store, he/she will not be able to complete the visit without completing the task.

    That is, a situation may arise where an employee has been assigned an urgent task during a visit, and he/she will not be able to complete it until he/she completes the task. We recommend to pay attention to this field when setting a task

  5. In the Description you can specify additional information about the task for an employee. This field is optional
  6. You can also Add photo to your task. This step is optional

After filling in the task information, press Submit. The assigned task will be displayed on the main screen of the executor with all the information about the task.