Typical Problems and Errors

Login Information

Before you start working, please check all the entered login information carefully.

Location Determination Error

To avoid location determination errors, it is recommended to update GPS data manually every time before you check in and check out.

Device Battery is Quickly Running Out of Charge

The main reasons why your device battery may quickly run out of charge:

  • Too many processes are continuously or often run on your phone;
  • You may contionuously make attempts to send reports when your network connection is poor;
  • Such functions as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS/EDGE, GPS and Location services used by camera, maps and social services, may be enabled;
  • You may run and actively use social network apps, games and mediaplayers.

To maximize the battery life, try turning off automatic updates, automatic uploading and downloading data, reduce the screen brightness and do not enable notifications for apps that you do not currently need.

I am Unable to Start a Visit in a New Store

You may be unable to start a visit in a new store because you still have an unfinished visit in another store.

Open your visit list, find the store which number is marked green, start a visit in the store, and you will return to where you left off.

Finish work in the store, update data from the server and start a visit in a new store.