Visit a Store

Main Screen

Make sure that the main screen of the app is opened and the status "data refreshed, you can work" is displayed.

If the status is correct, tap the START WORK button at the bottom of the screen to select a store.

If you see any other status, you can check its description in the Typical problems and errors section.

Also make sure the queue is empty (the message QUEUE: 0 should be displayed).

For more information, please open the main menu and select Help.

Visit Plan Screen

On the Visits screen you will see a visit plan with a list of stores for today and for other days, as well as the list of special tasks and unplanned visits (if any).

To start a visit, please select a store.

If you see a checkmark near the store name, it means that at least one report for this store has been made today.

If all the stores except one are inactive and highlighted in gray, it means that you have an unfinished visit in the current store.

Store and Report Selection Page

This is the main page of a store, which displays:

  • Special tasks assigned to the store (not shown in the screenshot);
  • Reports to be made (in the Single reports section);
  • The list of predefined reports for a full store visit, recommended and customized by managers (Predefined Wirards);
  • Brief and full information about store (to view it, tap the icon [i]. For details, see the View Store Information section).

The fuction of making single reports may be disabled by managers.

Starting Your Visit

After you start a visit in the app, you will need to go through all the steps and make all the reports in the list. You will not be able to go back, cancel or stop making reports until you have completed all of them. Therefore, please start a visit only when you arrive at the store.

Visit Stages

This screenshot shows an approximate sequence of actions performed during the visit of the merchandiser.

A visit usually includes the following types of reports:

  • Check-in report (to confirm the arrival at the store);
  • Product availability report;
  • Report on the planned promotion;
  • Problem report;
  • Check-out report (to confirm that the visit is finished).

The list of reports within a visit may vary depending on the settings of a particular server.

The types of reports and principles for making them properly are described in the following sections.

Finishing Your Visit

When you finish making all the visit reports, you wil be offered to exit from a visit. After this you can proceed to the next shop.

Note: It is essential not to close the app after finishing a visit and make sure that all the reports in the queue has been sent.