10 2019

A Smarter Way of Learning and SCORM, LMS, CLM Support

Most employers would like to provide the ability of additional education to their employees. But different employees and chief officers have different needs in terms of education.

Chief Learning Officer’s needs:

  • Make sure that all the employees have studied the materials till the deadline, got the understanding and successfully passed tests.
  • A handy tool to create and distribute learning materials. They need to teach field employees the effective ways of merchandising, to provide relevant information on goods, categories and planograms, as well as to inform them about new products timely.
  • The ability to test the employees’ knowledge to be sure that they have got the understanding.
  • Analytics on the results of self-education: overall performance, test success rate, etc.
  • The ability to check the employees’ knowledge level in terms of natural persons in order to consider staff rotation, moving and transition to other places.

Trainee’s needs:

  • Detailed and demonstrable learning materials (including interactive ones);
  • Easy access to learning materials (the materials should be optimized for smartphones and tablets).

The EasyMerch system provides a special section called Education and Coaching which has the following features:

1. A built-in constructor allows you to create self-learning materials optimized for smartphones or tablets.

2. Integration of learning materials in the following formats:

  • SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is an international standard for creating online courses supported by most distance learning management systems. SCORM materials are created in the specific editor programmes and then uploaded into EasyMerch.
  • LMS (Learning Management System) is a platform for online education organization, allowing you to create structured learning courses, easily share the necessary materials and, most importantly, to control the process of education and the learners themselves. LMS may be used both in distance educational processes and face-to-face trainings.
  • CLM (Closed Loop Marketing) is a movement in marketing based on the principle of getting feedback from the listener. A CLM presentation is an interactive presentation used by a sales representative in a discussion with the client. CLM-presentations full of different interactive elements are mainly used to introduce a product to the client and involve them in a dialogue. The presentation can also collect analytical data. It can check what products the client is focusing on, how they answer the questions, etc. After the discussion you will get a detailed analysis of the client’s behaviour.

3. Analytical section, where managers can get access to the statistics on the material’s usage and overall performance, as well as the detailed data on the employees’ knowledge level.

4. Planning section, where managers can schedule learning sessions on a certain date or on a certain period of time after hiring a new employee, create a consequence tree, as well as they can enable alerts in case of unsuccessful attempts to complete a test.

5. The Reference Materials section of the mobile app, where trainees can learn the special materials and take tests.