02 2020

Built-in Chats for Better Experience

Communication is one of the most important elements of everyday life in any collective. Mobile device users have a variety of different chats, messengers and social networks to choose from and use to communicate and to talk business. But is it really convenient?

A chat created in one of those popular messengers is available only to its participants. Therefore, managers do not have the opportunity to monitor these chats, that is, to check what the subordinates are chatting about and what agreements were made. If you create a simple group chat, you always have to delete ex-employees or add the newbies due to staff rotation, while the newbies do not have access to the messages that had been sent before they were added to the chat.

Moreover, if a mobile device malfunctions, a chat in a messenger can be lost irretrievably. When the backup feature is disabled, all the important information may be deleted and never restored.

EasyMerch has a solution for you. This is chats built in the app. What are the advantages of the EasyMerch chats compared to the well-known ones?

1. All your work can be done within one single app.

2. A manager has access to their subordinates’ chats and can control them.

3. Chats will not be deleted even if you reinstall the app.

4. You can create a special chat in a single tap. Just select one from the following types of chats:

  • Chat with the whole team;
  • Chat with subordinates;
  • Chat with a director;
  • Chat for the employees of the same positions;
  • Chat for the employees responsible for the same shops.

5. Such well-known features of chats as notifications, attaching photos, and stickers are available for your convenience as well.