05 2017

Coca Cola Achieved Streamlined Merchandising with EasyMerch

What are the results of implementing the EasyMerch system in Coca-Cola (Northwest region of Russia)?

Results of Implementing EasyMerch in Coca-Cola:

Implementation of EasyMerch in the Northwest region has shown the following results:

  1. Representation level has increased by 13%.
  2. Sales rate has increased according to the increase of the representation level.
  3. Level of promotion activation has increased from 70% to 96%.
  4. The time required for everyday upload of merchandisers' orders to a back office is now measured in seconds instead of hours;
  5. Product order time has decreased by 10 times or more.
  6. The function of checking the order correctness is evenly distributed from the office to supervisors, which allowed to unload 2 people in the back office.