04 2014

Merchandiser's Visit Plan Implementation

Are you always sure that merchandisers implement their visit plans?

Do merchandisers properly make reports in every single store or do they sometimes shirk?

How to make sure that a merchandiser works during all their working hours and not just 2-3 hours a day?

Our system is developed specifically for control the merchandiser's plan implementation.

If you have the Internet connection, with EasyMerch you can be anywhere (even in the other country). From this moment you know everything about the merchandiser's movements and get reports from stores in real time.

EasyMerch is installed on the merchandiser's mobile device so that they could check the visit plan made by their supervisor.

The system asks the merchandiser to make a visit report in a store. They will need to answer some questions assigned by the supervisor. If the report is incomplete, work is considered undone, and the supervisor receives a notification.

The merchandiser can make the following reports: photo report, on-shelf availability report, promotion report, problem report, etc. Morever, the merchandiser can order products (if necessary).

EasyMerch has its own Chat designed for communication between the field staff and managers. The manager may sometimes set new tasks through the chat or ask to bring some documents, for example.

The information about merchandiser's location as well as reports and photos are sent to the system in real time.

EasyMerch can show you the list of stores visited by the merchandiser this day and check if the visit plan is implemented or not.

The manager can use the system from any device if they have the Internet connection. You won't have to install any additional software to work in EasyMerch.

To start using EasyMerch, the manager should sign in using their login and password. After that all the features including setting tasks, controlling merchandisers and checking reports become available.

In addition to monitoring the visit plan of the merchandiser, the manager gets the opportunity to create a work plan and make any necessary reports on shops and products.

All the reports are exported in Excel format.

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