Why EasyMerch is useful for a Merchandiser and a Sales Representative

For merchandisers EasyMerch is a most a useful application which provides them one-touch access to:

  • A route for the day;
  • Contract conditions on OSA at every store in the route;
  • Display standards of sales equipment;
  • Planned promotions;
  • Daily tasks.

Merchandisers may use their own mobile devices or those handed out by company to make the following reports in EasyMerch:

  • On-shelf availability report;
  • Promotion report;
  • Planogram compliance report;
  • Problem report.

In addition, EasyMerch provides advanced functionality for sales representatives which includes:

  • Product order feature;
  • Account recievable of a store;
  • History of orders and supplies for each store;
  • Conditions of supplies;
  • Sales plan implementation;
  • Local promotion plan implementation.

Additional functions for sales representatives:

  • Adding a new store to the system;
  • Local promotion report.