Image Recognition

The "Image recognition" block allows you to automate filling out OSA and shelf-share reports, calculate the share of the shelf relative to competitors, as well as objectify the data entered by field employees.

A specially tuned neural network guarantees recognition accuracy of more than 95% and allows you to recognize the following objects in the image:

  • Products;
  • Category products of competitors (any shampoo of any manufacturer, any toothpaste of a specific competitor, ...);
  • Regular price tags;
  • Promotional price tags;
  • POS materials.

A specialized analytical system also calculates:

  • Signs of a golden shelf;
  • The position of the goods on the shelf;
  • Compliance of the filmed scene with merchandising rules;
  • Compliance of the filmed scene with the planogram;
  • Achievement of multi-criteria KPIs.

Integration into all analytical reports at no additional cost.